Corning Hospital Big Book Study Group is starting an online zoom meeting. Go to and use the Meeting ID 716466429 PW 015884 log in at 7:30 for the meeting. See information below for Juanita U.

from Santa Fe, NM 


Back to basics zoom meeting will be on Sunday mornings at 9am to 10:30am we are using our own Zoom site so we do not impose on other meetings.

Click the message next ot the video camera below for the link to Zoom meeting for Back to Basics

Back to Basics will continue the online meetings with zoom. They are also meeting at Mckinney Park at 9:15am every Sunday Morning  


Below in the box is a link to online meetings all over the world. Click on the box and it will open to a new web page.

From the Back to Basics Group, Loren V. will be speaking for the Wortley AA meeting in the United Kingdom Tuesday October 13th,2020 at 3pm our time. Please see the information below. Need more information contact:

Sandy O.(607)368-8444

Big Book Study Meeting/

with a Speaker

Monday thru Friday 6pm

Meeting Id 6436436422

PW 643643


For more information contact Bill S.(607)738-2195

AA friends,

Please know that if we have overlooked anyone's meeting or phone number please send the information to

We will fix this as soon as we are able. Unity is our goal, stay safe, be good to yourself and others. Have a blessed day.